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Brass Models - Boston and Maine RR

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MO-114Westside Models Co
ATSF/B&M 2-8-4 T1a Berkshire
Custom Painted and Weathered as B&M T1b # 4024
1$330.00$400.00 +Add
ST-895CNJ Custom Brass
B&M S-1 2-10-2 (Coffin Feedwater Heater)
Used, Mint. See photos for details.
1$407.00$700.00 +Add
2069.1Challenger Imports
B&M 52' Steel Milk Car (2 Plug Doors/Side)
FP #1911, New
1$170.00$150.00 +Add
2070.1Challenger Imports
B&M 52' Steel Mlk Car (Single Plug Doors)
FP #1929, New
1$170.00$150.00 +Add