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Kato GP-35

Train Control Systems T1 Decoder

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Fig 1

Fig 1: Remove the shell by first removing the couplers and then gently pull and rock the shell straight up.
Fig 2
Fig 2: Remove the two screws from the weight and set the weight aside.
Fig 3
Fig 3: Unsnap the small light board and unsolder the bulbs from it to use later. Slip the motor tabs out from under the wire on each side. Using the wire harness supplied with the T1, measure and cut the wires to fit their eventual location. The gray wire is soldered to the left motor tab and the orange goes to the right. Then shrink tube both so they don’t short to the bus wires. Unsnap the back end of the bus wires. Strip at least ½” from the red and black decoder wires. Then wrap them around the bus wires (red on right, black on left) at least three turns. When the bus wires are snapped back in place, they hold the decoder wires securely without soldering. Solder one end of each bulb wire to each other and the blue decoder wire, and cover with shrink tubing. Then solder the white wire to the other lead of the front bulb and the yellow wire to the other lead of the rear bulb. Shrink tube the connections and tuck the bulbs back in to their holders.
Fig 4
Fig 4: Tape the decoder to the rear truck support. I mounted it with the connector to the rear to give me extra slack when attaching all the wires.  Test the decoder and then put the shell and the couplers back on.