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Regardless of my day job, I am a model railroader. CR&S began as a fictitous railroad name using my wife's and my initials. It stands for Castle Rock & Southern, and was orignally planned to be in Colorado, where there was a town called Castle Rock. However, somewhere along the line, I became enamored with the Union Pacific. It turned out that the butte behind the roundhouse in Green River, WY used to be called Citadel Rock, but was later changed to Castle Rock. Now the plan is to locate the fictional CR&S to connect with the UP in Green River.

I started CR&S Trains to sell excess model train inventory for a friend of mine who was a distributor for trains and gaming supplies. When he retired, he sold off the gaming side of the business, but kept the model railroad products, because, surprise, he was also a model railroader. He passed away several years ago, but I'm still selling his inventory for his widow. I'm still adding more products as I find them and check stock against his inventory records. That's why, occasionally, I may show something and not be able to locate it. I try to minimize that, but nothing is fool proof.