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HO Scale - Micro Engineering

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26-001Transition Rail Joiners, Code 100 to Code 83, Insulated (4 Pair)2$4.25$3.00 +Add
26-005Transition Rail Joiners, Code 70 to Code 55, Insulated (4 Pair)4$4.25$3.00 +Add
26-055Rail joiners, Code 55, (50/Pkg)2$8.75$6.25 +Add
26-056Rail Joiners,Code 55 Insulated (12/Pkg)1$4.25$3.00 +Add
37-101Full Profile Ties, HO Regular Length, Non-Weathered, 1000 pcs1N/A$7.80 +Add
37-104Full Profile Ties, HOn3 Turnout Length, Non-Weathered, 250 pcs1N/A$4.45 +Add
42-101HO 3 Point Track Gauge, Code 1003$5.80$3.75 +Add
42-102HO 3 Point Track Gauge, Code 832$5.80$3.75 +Add
42-1033 Point Track Gauge, HO Code 702$5.80$3.75 +Add
55-004Murphy Manufacturing1$19.95$13.60 +Add
55-006Petroff Plumbing Supply4$23.05$15.70 +Add
70-600Hay and Grain Store (Also ME-600). No longer available from Micro-Engineering1N/A$12.95 +Add
70-601Krukow Hardware (Also ME-601). No longer available from Micro-Engineering1N/A$12.95 +Add
70-602Zang's Saloon (Also ME-602). No longer available from Micro-Engineering2N/A$12.95 +Add
70-603M-K-Z False Fronts (Also ME-603). No longer available from Micro-Engineering3N/A$12.95 +Add
70-604Groger's Grocery2$21.95$12.95 +Add
75-502Deck Girder Bridge, 30' (HO) Open Deck4$10.95$6.55 +Add
75-507Deck Girder Bridge, 50' (HO) Ballasted Deck1$13.05$7.30 +Add
75-508Deck Girder Bridge, 30' (HO) Ballasted Deck3$11.55$6.55 +Add
75-509City Viaduct, 90' (HO) Single Track2$27.70$18.85 +Add
75-510City Viaduct, Double Track, 90' (HO)2$43.95$29.95 +Add
75-511City Viaduct, 150' (HO) Single Track4$43.95$29.95 +Add
75-512City Viaduct, 150' (HO) Double Track1$67.70$46.15 +Add
75-520Thru Girder Bridge, 50' (HO) Single Track7$16.45$9.95 +Add
75-521Thru Girder Bridge, 50' (HO) Double Track2$24.15$15.70 +Add