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HO Scale - Campbell Scale Models

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919Doors - Saloon, Swinging (Non-Working) (Pkg 2)6$3.90$1.35 +Add
920Bell and Bracket6$3.90$1.35 +Add
921Corbels (Pkg 28)10$3.90$1.35 +Add
928Street Lamps (Non-Working) (Pkg 3)4$3.90$1.35 +Add
931Flagpole and 48 Star US Flag17$3.90$1.35 +Add
932Spool Trim (Pkg 4)24$3.90$1.35 +Add
933Step Stringers (Pkg 4)3$3.90$1.35 +Add
1605Concrete Bridge with Highway Accessories6$7.50$3.60 +Add
1606Stone Bridge with Highway Accessories3$7.90$3.60 +Add