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HO Scale - Ertl Collectibles

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4063Six-Row Cornheads Flat Car Load11$9.35$5.90 +Add
4085KD Grain Boxes with Running Gear Flat Car Load4$9.35$5.90 +Add
4095Baled Scrap Metal Gondola Load4$9.35$5.90 +Add
4277Milled Lumber Boxcar Load2$9.35$5.90 +Add
4682BR&P Tower (Plastic Craftsman Kit)3$40.00$30.00 +Add
4687Delaney Ironworks (Plastic Craftsman Kit)2$80.00$60.00 +Add
4783Easton Mill (Plastic Craftsman Kit)2$100.00$80.00 +Add